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What to Expect When Visiting Perth

Perth is hailed as one of the most isolated cities on earth, located on the very tip of southwestern Australia.  Despite being a bit “out of the way” the city of Perth is still a booming metropolis attracting millions of tourists every year.  The city has huge skyscrapers nestled alongside of miles of sandy beaches and there is always lots going on in Australia’s third largest city.

Visiting Perth

You can travel through Perth in style staying in the glittering five star hotels filled with luxury that compares to cities like Paris or London.  You can book a private luxury suite complete with butler service is that is what you wish for.  There are ballrooms and world class conference centers for the high end traveler.  You can also book personal trainers at the onsite fitness centers and then unwind in a spa.

For the Budget Minded Traveler

Some travelers just want the experience of Perth and not the trappings of wealth there are some mid-range hotels that do offer some luxuries without spending hundreds or even thousands a night.  There is also a flourishing backpacker culture in Perth and there are a number of cheap hotels and hostels for students and young travelers.  While this isn’t ideal for every tourist there are lots of students willing to trade off accommodations to make their travel budgets go a little further.  Even the cheaper hostels offer free Wi-Fi and they are great for meeting other travelers.


There is no shortage of things to do in Perth aside from hitting the beaches.  There is the Burswood Entertainment Complex is the epicenter of the Perth social scene.  Here you can find the casino along with a five star hotel, but if gambling is not really your thing that’s okay.  There are some impressive entertainment venues where you can catch live acts, Perth has one of the hottest music scenes in the country.  With Perth being so isolated there is a big focus on local acts, bigger acts don’t hit Perth as often as they do Sydney or Melbourne. Everybody should take in a football game at one of the football stadiums that are located around the city.

Perth is a little hard to get to but it is well worth the trip, whether you want to travel in style or you want to backpack around the world experiencing as much as you can, Perth has something for everyone.