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Top 3 Must-Go Beaches in Sydney

Aside from the popular Sydney Opera House and Sydney Tower, this vibrant city is also known for its long shoreline, expanding from North to South of Harbour Beach.

Having over a hundred of fine beaches to choose from, probably the hardest problem a tourist will have is to decide which one is the best.

Well, problem solved! Here’s a list of Top 3 best beaches which will surely complete your Sydney experience!

Top 3: Manly Beach

This gold sand beach is easily the best choice for a lot of Sydney residents and frequenters for the main reason that it is less busy, more laid-back, and farther away from the flock of tourists but still allows you to experience the classic beach activities such as snorkeling and surfing.

Aside from its pristine water, Manly Beach also boasts of other fun activities to do such as the ferryride which passes by the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, shoping and dining Sydney-style at The Corso, and of course the classic and scenic walk along the jagged coastline of Manly Beach.

If you don’t feel like joining the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s busy beaches, then Manly is the best choice for you. Not only is it beautiful but it also gives a unique Australian beach experience that is one for the books!  Here is a look at Manly Beach.

Top 2: Camp Cove Beach

This beach is probably not the most popular. However, it’s beginning to attract more tourists for being an excellent alternative to the more crowded areas in the eastern part.

Camp Cove is calm, quiet, and family-friendly. Not known to a lot of people, but it has the best view of the sunset in all Sydney. Just head to Watsons Bay and prepare to see the cityscape explode in sunset colors.

If you want to bring the whole family to enjoy some lovely beach time, having picnic in the sand and enjoying the long scenic coastline, Camp Cove is your place to be.

Top 1: Bondi Beach

While Bondi Beach is known for being a bit crowded and maybe a little too touristy for some, it is undeniable that it does have a lot of great qualities that made it to the list of must-go beaches in the world!

Probably one of the main reasons Bondi is a top favorite is because of the countless opportunities for socialization. It’s not just a beach but a venue of many festivals that are held all-year round. This includes beauty pageants, fun runs, skateboarding competitions and many more!

If you love your beach time with some new friends from all over the world, then this is the spot for you. You will love the scenery, the events, the people, and the mix of it all!